Some of our projects

Curated Entrepreneurial Programs

We at SiliconGlades search and curate high-impact programs, bringing them to communities that have come to expect transformational programs from us. Bootstrappers Breakfast® is a Silicon Valley staple, created by SKMurphy that we brought to the entrepreneurial community in Tampa Bay, Florida since January 2013.  It is a gathering of entrepreneurs who, as their tagline suggests, ‘eat problems for […]

Brands Serving Communities

At SiliconGlades, we help organizations build brands by building communities.  We have helped a company refine its product marketing narrative distilled into a napkin-sketch as a training tool for their sales teams.  We have used masterful story-telling with a hint of humor to help them explain their value proposition to their prospects’ delight.  

Citizen-Led Coding Clubs

SiliconGlades brings expertise in organizing citizen-led projects to build a legacy in a community.  SiliconGlades worked with volunteers in the area to redesign CoderDojo Tampa Bay Area with a federated architecture for scalability and stability.  The program is beginning to change the culture of the city, making coding clubs as cool as Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts.

StartupStrides, so no entrepreneur walks alone

Take strides, so no entrepreneur walks alone.   Even the Surgeon-General recommends it.  StartupStrides keeps startup founders and their companies healthy by helping them socialize with like-minded individuals who may be on a similar journey, by helping them break away from their desks, and often bringing clarity of thought — which keeps their businesses healthy.

Product Launches

Whether it is gathering a community to understand how to leverage the latest tools for product launches, or use of an online platform to augment the launch of a product, SiliconGlades is well positioned to leverage its resources to offer clients a variety of options to launch a product, be it a consumer product or an industrial one.

WorkInTheFLOW – work solo, not in isolation.

WorkInTheFLOW is a new co-working feature being added to select public libraries across the nation.  With this, patrons of a public library who work out of the library spaces will be able to form a hyperlocal support-system to share knowledge and resources specific to their local area to further themselves in business or professional pursuits.

AlligatorZone®, where kids meet cool startups

AlligatorZone® is where kids meet cool startups.  This is a real-world platform where kids, youth and families (ages 7 to 97) gather to see a product show-and-tell by a startup founder, and then get to enjoy a free-wheeling conversation with the founder, to learn how they are solving real-world problems, during an uplifting session at a […]

Stand Up For Startups™

Stand Up For Startups™ is an edutainment standup comedy event-program, where startup founders learn to see the lighter side of their entrepreneurial life, while competing for the titles ‘fun’, ‘funny’ and ‘funniest founder’.  Startup founders will tell funny anecdotes that taught them valuable business and life lessons along their entrepreneurial journey, which they are willing […]