We work in harmony with your environment. We take the time and pains to understand your users, their comfort zones, and then design our offerings by following time-tested desire paths.


As a design and innovation firm, when we are not paving a new way to do things or seeking a new way of looking at our world, our focus for our clients often stays on the use of design to solve their current problems as well as prevent foreseeable ones.  In working with SiliconGlades, expect refreshing insights, increased clarity, expect to ship stuff, and expect a fine sense of humor as help you from behind the scenes till you climb to success with your projects.

At SiliconGlades, we also work with clients to identify nuances in their domain that will resonate with specific socially-conscious needs, and then embark upon connecting the dots between their brand and it’s social-impact in the community through artisanal and technology-based programs. These programs cover the whole gamut in and outside any creative playbook*, including:

  • Lead Generation programs
  • Story-telling with intentionality
  • Brand Creation from scratch
  • Brand Awareness through education
  • Brand Likeability through humor where appropriate
  • Sales and Marketing Writing (General or Event-specific)
  • Pithy Business Writing with a purpose
  • Guerilla Marketing where appropriate
  • Conferences, Workshops, and Meetup Programs
  • CEO or Founder’s personal brand-management, and
  • Legacy–Building that transcends brand-building.

*All of the above include the necessary peripheral services of media activity, including social media.


Bring your scribe along. Because we provide business intelligence by connecting dots with experienced mentors as well as from the next generation of consumers, in real-world community gatherings. Using additional tools such as listening meetings or literally walking in the end-users’ shoes, we define the problem from perspectives that count for your success. 


We provide you with opportunities to distill your messaging for a broader audience. This ability to be able to explain your work in terms so simple that even a 3rd grader can understand it helps business leaders fine-tune how they communicate their product and its value proposition. Use it to train employees, sell to prospects or pitch to investors.


We help you launch products. We design user-experiences in the virtual and tactile world. We help with branding, positioning and even naming your product for life-long savings through ad costs avoided. We simplify complex concepts to bring down your costs of training, selling and customer support. We craft emails. We write speeches. We make events. We know budgets.


Our toolbox is eclectic. We introduce humor in branding and in ad campaigns to make anyone who crosses your path remember your brand with a smile.  We have helped a client in the banking industry for a conference presentation full of boring screen shots, by making it a memorable slideshow with fine humor that made the company’s brand memorable.