.instructional experiences that stick

Whether a non-profit, a for-profit or a government agency, SiliconGlades helps you educate your organization in unique and engaging ways to achieve operational excellence, so that every function contributes to sales or savings with self-awareness, develops an authentic narrative, and makes a tremendous difference in the communities you serve.

.sales dna that awaits discovery

The function of ‘Sales’ is in the DNA of every part of an organization. SiliconGlades’ designs story-telling systems to discover that sales DNA throughout your organization – from the mail-room to the warehouse to the C-suite. Let us help your functional departments tell an authentic and consistent story of your brand and your aspirations, not merely through words, but also through actions and processes revisited.



Our designers and developers tailor programs for your organization to accomplish multiple goals, viewed through a socio-economic development lens for the community you serve.


We slip into the shoes of your constituents and steer your brand in a language that resonates with them, so that every fiber of your organization tells a consistent, uplifting and authentic story to the communities that matter to you.


Our meticulously researched and crafted programs will aim to work invisibly towards changing the culture of your users for the common benefit of the community, including your own brand.


When we design a program for you it will be one that will make your teams and their families proud of being associated with your brand.  Thus, we help you build a lasting brand and perhaps, a legacy.

.values-based approach that makes brands memorable

SiliconGlades serves for-profit and non-profit organizations, as well as government agencies in a variety of ways aligned with the values of their organization in the context of the communities they impact, whether as employers, suppliers or partners.