.we help CEOs weave social impact in their business

SiliconGlades is a design and innovation firm with a social conscience in its work.

.we empathize  

Our forte is empathy. We slip into the shoes of your users, your customers and your prospects to feel what they feel – whether it is to redesign a business process, design a new user-experience, find a timeless name for your company or your product, or to find a positioning for your product or brand. We help you nurture a community while charting a map you can use to nourish your brand and bring sales leads. Our programs help you bring greater clarity to your messages to make it resonate with your audience.  We help you meet your goals through tactics that are elegant in their simplicity, yet lofty in strategy, as lofty as the aspirations you have for your brand and your organization.



Our designers and developers tailor programs for your organization to accomplish multiple goals, viewed through a socio-economic development lens for the community you serve.


Our meticulously researched and crafted programs will aim to work invisibly towards changing the culture of your users for the common benefit of the community, including your own brand.


When we design a program for you it will be one that will make your teams and their families proud of being associated with your brand.


We work with your constituents to find that authentic voice within, one which resonates with them, to help you build a lasting brand and perhaps, a legacy.

.we enable

SiliconGlades serves for-profit and non-profit organizations, as well as government agencies in a variety of ways. We don’t just deliver and leave. We build, stay and nurture until your team is ready to take charge.