.medical practices made more productive

We help you take charge of your brand’s  narrative and put the joy back in a physician’s calling, by bringing to medical practices time-tested best practices from the world of business marketing and operational excellence viewed through a branding lens.

.a prescription for growth

Remember when being a physician meant not just measuring data points, but being in touch with patients and being revered in the community? Let’s help you take charge of your brand’s narrative and put the joy back in a physician’s calling. Let us take away your pain of growing the brand of your medical practice. We find strategic and innovative pathways to grow your practice. Social media alone won’t cut it. Soar above search engines.


.big league thinking

We distill lessons from the world of manufacturing and software to bring to medical practices what’s most relevant.

.design thinking and automation

We apply modern design thinking principles and process automation to medical practices to help them stand out in the crowd.


Our work will help you focus on the quality of care, while we focus on taking away your pain.

.good citizenship

We design unique programs that will make your practice and team a proud part of the communities you aim to serve.

.leverage our research lab

SiliconGlades creates several passion-projects in sort of a real-world research lab, continuously experimenting with novel marketing concepts. Our clients, therefore, enjoy some very unique approaches and cutting edge services that come out of such ongoing research.