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alligatorzone_z_smAlligatorZone is where kids meet cool startups.  This is a real-world platform where kids, youth and families (ages 7 to 97) gather to see a product show-and-tell by a startup founder, and then get to enjoy a free-wheeling conversation with the founder in an uplifting session at a local public library.

Kids and youth learn in a very inspiring and immersive manner, through observation, inquiry and voiced opinions, in direct conversations with the founder. Founders, on the other hand, enjoy a peek into what the next generation thinks about their products and any pitfalls that only digital natives can notice, and the founders also learn to force themselves to simplify and clarify their message so that even a 3rd grader can understand it.

AlligatorZone sessions are held in several cities across the United States.  AlligatorZone includes a new initiative in select cities where kids and youth get coached to assume specific roles to run the sessions independently, under the supervision of their parents and that of the local librarian. Kids and youth learn many leadership skills and soft-skills under the AlligatorZone Ambassador initiative.

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