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Open Position:


Our growing social-impact initiative in the area of education innovation with roots in the Bay Area is currently in need of a Tutor to support one of its pilot programs for school-age kids (ages 8 – 13).

This is a unique opportunity to work with a team of innovators creating alternative learning environments and education products to prepare kids for careers that don't yet exist.

The ideal candidate will be one who has raised, coached, taught or tutored kids of ages 8 - 13, someone who is compassionate and patient with small groups of highly engaged and intelligent kids, has first-hand experience working in a corporate, professional, startup or customer-facing setting, possesses outstanding kid-safe vocabulary and communication skills, is open to undergoing training on teaching complex concepts of commerce to rather young audiences, and last but not the least, has been a life-long student of business and innovation.

In our observation, tutors who thrive in this role are those with the upbeat personality of a game-show host, a deep sense of humility, and a fine sense of humor, knowing that nobody has all the answers and that it is okay to learn while teaching. The selected candidate must successfully clear a State-mandated background-check to work with school-age kids.

Besides an uplifting work environment in after-school classroom settings, tutors will enjoy free training during the current pilot phase. This contract part-time position offers above-market compensation,  and the possibility of acquiring skills that may open opportunities to participate in the growth of the venture in the foreseeable future. 

To apply, please send an email to calling at siliconglades dot com, with your resume or a travelogue of your professional and academic journey, of less than one page-length.