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As a business innovation and design firm, SiliconGlades brings knowledge and know-how from the front-lines of innovation to the Learning & Development functions in corporations across industries, and for academia. With a tasteful and highly effective blend of online and face-to-face workshops, SiliconGlades has been developing instructional design for clients in the area of B2B and academia. The term Instructional Design is contextual. A phrase coined by education professionals, it is used in the corporate world for all that goes into defining, generating and displaying content specifically for training, continuing education, skills assessments and certifications of employees, made with the help of various subject matter experts. Such content may be delivered in a variety of means – such as instructor-led, self-paced, web-based or in-class, and game-based or activity-driven. SiliconGlades can take care of it for you.

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Learning & Development
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